So who am I then ?


The short answer

I am Gustav Linder, a Level Designer/Scripter born in 1992.


the long answer

It is hard for me to remember when I first started playing video games, because it feels like something that I have always been doing. It has been such a big part of me for such a long time that I can´t image a version of myself without it.

I'm currently studying Game Design at Future Games in Stockholm where I have delved deeper into Scripting, Level Design and Game Design. Before that I was studying Game Design at Södertörn University, which was where I realised that making games was just as fun as playing them.

I have always been the type of person that puts the needs of the team first. Whenever a "boring" or time consuming task comes up I am always first up to bat on it. I always take pride in the work that I do and that it comes out looking as good as possible, irregardless of how small and insignificant it is.

I have always had a need to express myself creatively, so when I am not making games I like to kick back and both listen to and play some music.



Favorite FMV GAME


favorite star trek film


Favorite 90´s emo band




Contact Info

Phone : 0704 779672

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